New functions for an improved and more convenient measurement with photoLab® 7600 UV-VIS


Just at the Nitrate-monitoring in water bodies and large municipal waste water treatment plants different user calibrations for the different positions are needed. For an optimized measured value output multiple user calibrations can be stored as a profile. The following improvements simplify the OptRF-measurement at different positions additionally:

The dilution adjustment over multiple measurements for each parameter is now adjustable: Either the dilution adjustment is disposed after each measurement, or the actual valid dilution is kept and is valid for additional measurements even if the parameter or profile is changed.
The active profile is displayed in the measuring window.
The active profile is displayed on the printout of the measuring value over „PRINT“ including name and ID.
The user calibration is available also over the function key F1 (context menu).
The allocation of the identification description for samples and sample places can now be done via the favorite list (only photoLab® 7X00).
The OptRF-measurement significant advantages for users and the environment:

Faster as the fastest digestion
Fast tests occasionally
Matrixcheck of sensors + Onsite-measurements
At no charge, no reagents needed
Reduction of total costs
Check of measurement range
Check of retained samples
Environmental friendly
Harmless for health
There are methods available for COD, NO3 and NO2 in the effluent of municipal waste water plants for fast control e.g. reference samples. Via user calibration the procedure of the individual wastewater treatment plant can be optimized.

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