A range of benefits for wastewater monitoring

Внесены в госреестр СИ следущие приборы WTW: WTW Multi 9620/9630 IDS, WTW Multi 9310/ 9310Р IDS, WTW Multi 3620/3630/3510 IDS, WTW Multi 3320, WTW pH/Cond 3320, WTW pH/ion 3310.


Our sets provide

Our pre-configured and ready-to-use sets of the IQ Sensor Net System 2020 provide all essentials to ensure wastewater monitoring – power supply, controller and display with operating unit. As needed, the sets are equipped with analog or digital outputs and 5 connections for IQ sensors free of choice.

All future opportunities

The modular structure enables extensions as needed and offers all future opportunities! Thus, modules with further sensor connections, current outputs and inputs, relays, radio connections and for pressured air cleaning can be connected fast and easy.

Data transmission – analog or digital

The existing sets are differentiated by the implemented interfaces. 2 of 3 sets are equipped with analog outputs (and relays). The latest set provides a digital Ethernet interface (RJ45). With this interface, all measurement values can be transmitted at once, via standardized protocols Ethernet/IP, Modbus TCP and PROFINET to e.g. a PLC. In addition, this system can be controlled from remote and is equipped with a BackUp controller function for higher operational safety.

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